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First AID with Glass, Cladding & Marble Polishing, Crack & Chips removal & Repair

The Professional Multifix team is industry’s leading renovation company that offers complete and most competitive solution for flawless repair of scratched and damaged glass, metal cladding, wood, acrylic, aluminium facades, bathtubs and marble surfaces.

Only European and UK material used

Fully Trained Staff

Competitive Prices

Professional equipment

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Rate overall panels scratch level:

What surfaces to be repaired:

Doing scratch repair with Professional Multifix you can save as minimum

41,550 AED

and many hours of your most valuable time.

*Saving cost based on average market rates for glass panels, manpower rates and basic equipment


Professional Multifix Technical Services LLC is a team of fully trained and well experienced restoration experts that are able to repair all types of damaged surfaces. We are delivering worldwide outstanding services from a single light scratch repair to restoration of multiple floor towers, commercial and residential buildings, airports, marble facades, aluminium and stainless metal cladding panels, public glazed shopfronts and yachts.

Wherever items you thought would never be able to bring back to life, still can be restored by our expert team and will have a sparkle and shine like new, saving cost of the replacement.